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At Maplebrook Tack and Harness, we carry an outstanding selection of tack equipment for both Western and English riders. No matter your riding level we are sure to have a saddle in stock for you. When you browse through our outstanding selection you will fin bridles, bits, blankets and more! We have tack and harness equipment to fit every horse, from mini horses all the way up to giant draft horses!

Tack Equipment - Harnesses

Maplebrook Farm Supply And Tack Equine Harness For Horses

Maplebrook Tack and Farm Supply has an incredible selection of harnesses in stock and ready for your farm. If you need to pull farm equipment, a carriage, a horse-drawn carriage, or even a sleigh, we can help.

Stop by Maplebrook Tack and Farm Supply and check out our huge selection of harnesses. Speak with one of our experienced professionals to learn more about our available harness options.

Stop by or give us a call at 440-632-0895 today for more information.

Tack Equipment - Saddles

Tack Equipment Saddles Main

Maplebrook Tack and Farm Supply’s saddle selection is simply amazing! You will find a wide variety of saddles in both western and English styles. Our expert staff can help you select the perfect saddle for your riding level and style.

Stop by Maplebrook Tack and Farm Supply today and see if we have the perfect saddle to fit your horse!

Stop by or give us a call at 440-632-0895 today for more information

Tack Equipment - Blankets Bridles & More

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Maplebrook Tack and Farm Supply has all of your tack supplies covered from blankets to bridles and more! Western and English equipment are both available, and our experts can guide you to the exact thing you are looking for! Stop by our store today and speak with one of our experts, and get the right equipment for your horse riding style, level, and experience. If horse health is what you need a hand with, we can help with that too!

If you are looking for the bridles, blankets or horse health products, get over to Maplebrook Tack and Farm Supply, and let us help you!

Stop by or give us a call at 440-632-0895 today for more information.